Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It has been a while.  Let me update you.

Things have been beyond great.  Job-wise, life-wise, adventure-wise.  Truly, as the past couple years have passed, things continue progressing forward in a path I am extremely happy with.

My senior film, Create has spread a bit in the festival circuit.  Recently returned from the Savannah International Animation Festival, where it won Best Stop Motion Short!  It has also just been accepted to the NW Animation Festival in Portland, OR.  I will try to put together the real list soon.

Create plays twice at the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 28th!  I am happily going to be able to attend, as it is just a couple hours away from LA.


It was dream come true to work at Laika.  Six months as an Assistant Stop Motion Animator on ParaNorman... in my opinion already the best stop motion film of all time.  But perhaps my judgement is swayed already, but it was just such an honor to help out on the film.  I have my fingerprint in it, too, with 12 shots in there.  Bam.  AUGUST 17th!  Go go go.

I'm in there... top leftish!

I am now back in La La Land, as an animator on Robot Chicken at their new studio, Stoopid Buddy Stoodies!  So fun, I love the people here.  And it is super refreshing to be doing snappy animation on twos again.  Here is an example sequence I helped on last season quite similar to what I've been working on lately #RCDC !


Tuesday, April 10, 2012