Monday, May 30, 2011

"Create" is complete. Official.

Create, my senior film of 9 months, is complete.

This will be the only online presence of Create for a while, as I will be submitting it to a number festivals. I hope you guys enjoy the trailer!

Goodness I am tired...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Campfire" finally done! (This is not my senior film)

After over a year, I have finished "Campfire"! Most of this was made in 2 months back in 2010, as I blogged the making of here. Sorry for the delay. (Watch in HD!)

It's great to have this out now. Feels good.

On a "Create" side note, I am on the final stages of post production. It's funny comparing these two films, made a year apart, "Create" is going to be a big jump up.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Animation stage complete!

Happily, I have finished the animation for, Create. (Other than titles)

It's been an intense 4 weeks of shooting. 30 shots total, done. Now I can get this equipment out of my room, and have a bed again. Nice.

One of the final shots I animate is actually the very first shot. A camera dolly through the laboratory, ending on the giant door, which bursts open revealing...

Here you can see the high-tech dolly system I rigged up for this baby. It consists of a 1 x 3 piece of wood, sliding incrementally against another 1x3 piece of wood. I did the camera move on ones, 1/8th of an inch each frame. It worked out quite well, given the materials.

I do have one shot to share, as it is just a test on a device that did not make it into the final film. It's a test of the beastly trash compactor! With the mad scientist ready to chuck all the duct tape I've used on this project into it.

Time for a short break, and then it is on to post!  Thank you again tho those who actually read these things, it helps drive this whole blogging thing, as I find down the road this stuff is great to come back to.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

19 shots in! (out of 30)

Lots of work, but it is going quite well. More stills!

The lighting is designed by Austin Rink. He's really helping me get the look I want for this film.

I am loving the look and how it's coming together. Sure, I'm spending 12 hour nights animating a single shot, but after I pass out, wake up, and look at it, it's worth it.