Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Fix." experimental animation v.1

Here's an experimental animation I'm working on. I may expand on it. Less copyrighted song, more sound and animation to it. For now, here it is, "Fix." version 1.

I finished it, adding a couple new shots, watch it here!

"Campfire" Stop motion animation production 1: Jan 24, 2010

I have begun a new animated short film! The current title is "Campfire." I will try to post updates on it as I go on, along with various other things I make.
Campfire is a story of a young boy camping alone who is trying to start a nice little campfire. He does not do a good job. The end!

I have finished the storyboards and animatic, now comes the building process.

And I have also sculpted the maquette of the main character, picture above. He is baked super sculpey, painted. The final puppet will be foam and fabric.

Stay tuned!
-Dan MacKenzie