Monday, March 14, 2011

Create - update 4: Finished Puppets and Sets!

First, the puppets.
The real boy
The mad scientist boy
I really like how they are looking. Megan Miller did a great job on the clothes!

Any now, the two big sets!
Full room

Closet side

Desk side


I am especially happy with the lab. I cannot wait to see them both alive in the shot. There will be a few teaks of color and decor before animating begins in 1 month, but essentially these are the pieces for my senior film, Create.


  1. Wow ! The characters, there clothes, the sets, the props... everything look so neat. I love the little toy, the little tools, the torture table, the texture on the lab walls.. Can't wait to see that animated. Nice job !

  2. Wow! Dan! That's perfect! It look really amazing. Can't wait to see it animated! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Dood!! this all looks EXCELLENT!!