Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Campfire" Stop motion animation production 1: Jan 24, 2010

I have begun a new animated short film! The current title is "Campfire." I will try to post updates on it as I go on, along with various other things I make.
Campfire is a story of a young boy camping alone who is trying to start a nice little campfire. He does not do a good job. The end!

I have finished the storyboards and animatic, now comes the building process.

And I have also sculpted the maquette of the main character, picture above. He is baked super sculpey, painted. The final puppet will be foam and fabric.

Stay tuned!
-Dan MacKenzie


  1. m_) These are some great news! --- I am assuming this is the film taking one month or two. Couldn't see the video, for some reason.

    m_) Anyway, the scultpure is awesome. Is this your first time making the sculpture to eventually make a mold out of it? I have tried this a while ago, but can't get the right materials. Well, hope you have better luck at Savannah!

    m_) It is awesome to see that you are going into such level, from being a clay animator to puppet armatures..nice.

    m_) I can imagine how tedious is to blog step-by-step work. It happens to me. I haven't updated in ages. I think either you work a lot or you just use 50% on thinking "when should i start documenting this?" ..well, at least that is my case.

  2. m_) haha!! the video works now! Great story.

    m_+ some post production effects would go great with the fire.

    In my previous film, I've done a video with an elf that gets mad because he has no presents, after making a quick search, and it reminds me of how I thought of an end with him setting all in fire (everyone else's presents) ----very creepy, no theme whatsoever.