Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Fix." experimental animation v.1

Here's an experimental animation I'm working on. I may expand on it. Less copyrighted song, more sound and animation to it. For now, here it is, "Fix." version 1.

I finished it, adding a couple new shots, watch it here!


  1. m_) have you seen this one yet? It could help.

    m_+ Some folks from my country did it, they did more but I think that's the best. Thought it may inspire you in some way..It's sort of related to what you are trying to do here, perhaps.

    This one:

    and this one is one I saw that reminded of that one too...both an art in itself..

    if the links don't work or something, let me know!

  2. stop motion is so cool!


  3. this made me unbelievably happy = D