Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finally, some footage to show


I finally cut something together to show on the interwebs for "Campfire." It's a nice little trailer, that gives you a glimpse of the animation and the feel of the short.

The whole short film SHOULD be done by now, but life has kept me busy. Living in France for 2 months, now in LA for the summer, it's crazy. Good news is that I am officially working at ShadowMachine, working on a little show called "Robot Chicken." It's been going great.

Campfire will be completed, someday. In the mean-time, enjoy this little trailer!


  1. Really smooth animation! Very cool.

  2. Wow Dan it look really awesome. I can't wait to see the finnal product. Youre only 21 and you are one of the best animator. I eard a little bit about Robot Chicken. It will be awesome. I hope you will blog a little bit of behind the scene It would be cool. Keep Going the amazing work

    -Alex :D

  3. oh man I cant wait truly amazing stuff you do well yeah many other people do it too along with me but still you take to a whole new level that has never been explored

  4. Your animation is SICK! Every time you get better over previous work, it's a clear and huge improvement. Keep this up and you'll be animating on features.

  5. Man, you've grown so much as an animator Dan. I remember when you were just starting and submitted "Become" to Newgrounds and labeled as "itsdmack" around "Knoxs Korner". While other animators started getting into other things and stopped making movies, you've never stopped producing high quality animations. This short film has shown that your meticulous, "attention-to-detail" animating style has only gotten better as the years have passed. You're the real deal when it comes to animating, and I'm glad to see that you've chosen to pursue animating as a career. I wish you the best in all your future endeavors man. Keep it up!

  6. James, it's awesome to hear you've seen my work since my start in animation. Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it. It's fun thinking back to where it all started for me.
    PS, who were you on Knoxs Korner?

    And thank you Don, mongo, Alex, Jeff, and Jon!
    (Alex, I will not be able to post any Robo Chick behind the scenes until the specific episodes air.)