Monday, August 30, 2010

SHINE - A music video

There's a pretty long story behind this video, but I won't bore you with it...

Ok. Basically here is a music video I made for The Dirty Heads - Shine. Created in 2 months all within my dorm room a year and a half ago. I experimented with the idea of clay only being illuminated by black lights. The effect was a fun galactic-bowling glow feeling that I was extremely happy about.

The label wasn't though, and therefor was not used as they're official video. Ah well. Watching it again now, over a year later, I still and overall quite happy with it. A few issues, yes (the live action of the band wasn't great video quality, and they never played the song Shine in the footage, I just edited them playing other songs to match) but I am happy to show it off now.


  1. Very cool concept! Love the idea of using blacklight in stopmo.

  2. dude that really sucks the label didnt like it! i love it!!