Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Animation stage complete!

Happily, I have finished the animation for, Create. (Other than titles)

It's been an intense 4 weeks of shooting. 30 shots total, done. Now I can get this equipment out of my room, and have a bed again. Nice.

One of the final shots I animate is actually the very first shot. A camera dolly through the laboratory, ending on the giant door, which bursts open revealing...

Here you can see the high-tech dolly system I rigged up for this baby. It consists of a 1 x 3 piece of wood, sliding incrementally against another 1x3 piece of wood. I did the camera move on ones, 1/8th of an inch each frame. It worked out quite well, given the materials.

I do have one shot to share, as it is just a test on a device that did not make it into the final film. It's a test of the beastly trash compactor! With the mad scientist ready to chuck all the duct tape I've used on this project into it.

Time for a short break, and then it is on to post!  Thank you again tho those who actually read these things, it helps drive this whole blogging thing, as I find down the road this stuff is great to come back to.



  1. The tape in his hands is alive! Are you sure it's not a bag containing a little kitty...?! That would make a mess of your funky trash compactor. Just watch it back and imagine >:D

    Congratulations on finishing the animation.

  2. looks awesome. super set up you've got there. :-)

  3. Dude this all looks freaking super cool. I can't wait to see it. Now finish up and get the hell out to the west coast

  4. I love how that tiny set when photographed looks so big.

    stopmotion rules!!

    congrats on wrapping the animation end of things.


  5. Man, you work FAST! I thought you'd just started on this. Can't wait to see it.