Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Campfire" finally done! (This is not my senior film)

After over a year, I have finished "Campfire"! Most of this was made in 2 months back in 2010, as I blogged the making of here. Sorry for the delay. (Watch in HD!)

It's great to have this out now. Feels good.

On a "Create" side note, I am on the final stages of post production. It's funny comparing these two films, made a year apart, "Create" is going to be a big jump up.


  1. AWESOME !!!
    A really nice eye candy.
    I love the animation and the character's faces are awesome. You did a great job animating the fire. Nice music and well directed. Need to watch it again !

  2. Super cool!!! Totally inspiring stuff, nice job man.

  3. It really inspired me to continue animating.
    One question: What was the character made of?

  4. Thank you, guys! The character was made of a wire armature, foam-rubber, liquid latex, and cloth.