Sunday, September 18, 2011

The past 3 months - Frankenhole and LAIKA

Things have been intense since completing my film, Create, receiving a BFA in Animation at SCAD, and moving to LA.  Everything keeps getting better.

Right after school, I was hired on as an Animator for the Adult Swim tv show, "Frankenhole."  It was at the new LA studio, Starburns Industires Inc.  I was able to work with a bunch of my friends from Robot Chicken there, so it was a blast.
  (clip of season one if video doesn't load)

After great 2 months animating there, the season wrapped and I was ready for another step.

I am now working at a studio that has been a dream for me since I started animation: LAIKA

I am an Assistant Stop-Motion Animator on their new feature film, ParaNorman.  It is an amazing project to be on, and I am extremely fortunate to be helping out.  

More to come soon, especially now that Create is starting its Film Festival run!


  1. Congratulations, I am very jealous of your success sir, I pretty much have the same dream. Any tips on becoming an animator?

  2. Great man! How did you manage to get those great animation gigs?