Monday, February 7, 2011

Create - update 1!

Animatic - Check
Reference footage - Check!
Puppets - Okay!

I am now on the puppet fabrication side of things. From here on out it's the real time-consuming stuff for the short, but also the more fun for me, really making it.

Armatures 70% done

Totally just posed.

The armatures are feeling like they will definitely hold up for this animation. I was fortunate to have the design guidance and help from Dan Field, master puppet fabricator. He has been a huge help.

Overall, it is going well. I'm mostly on schedule, buut that whole schedule plan is more an "idealized" thing... right?


  1. those are some really kick-ass pictures you have....Good Photographer whoever they are.

  2. That's an interesting way of making an armature. I love it man! Can't wait to see something produced! I can't even wait for campfire! Aaaahhh!!

  3. Very nice armature !
    Thanks to share these progress pictures. The drawings are very interesting.

    Two questions :
    - Why didn't you twist the aluminium wires ?
    - What the purpose of the nylon string ?

  4. Hurray this looks neat! Hey, are you going to need clothes? ;)

  5. Vincent -
    Twisting the armature wire, while quick to do, weakens the wire overall. What this was was multiple strands of wire, lashed together with a glue called Prozaid and cotton/poly thread. It holds it tight, creating a stronger, more durable wire.

    Thanks for the comment, your work is looking very nice on your blog!

    Courtney - Thanks! I dooo, but didn't think shipping puppets and fabric to and frow would be the best idea, so I found a new girl to make'm... :(

  6. Dude! This all looks awesome!

  7. Lookin cool... Good idea to use multiple wires run side by side like that. Looking forward to seeing more! Go for it! But... don't try and make it too long! Ha