Thursday, February 17, 2011

Create - update 2: Mold making and foam cutting

I'm wearing band-aids on my thumb and index finger, due to all the contestant cutting and sculpting foam I have been doing with my 4 different scissors. It is intense...

But first! Before the foam-fest, I made the Create boy's head. Super Sculpey sculpt, baked, silicon mold, resin casting, sanding, and drilling.

Now with plenty of heads, back to the body!

The bodies are really taking shape now. Next step is adding the liquid latex skin! Oh, and clothes. He'll be needing those.


  1. Nice tutorial !!!
    The pictures are great and they are talking for themself. Really inspiring !
    Thanks to share that.

  2. Sorry for the double post.

    The head shape is very kewl.
    What kind of silicone are you using ?
    The paper cement was to glue the padding, right ?
    What is the padding material and where do you got that ?

    Scissors, scissors, scissors... the results were worthing it man !

  3. Really nice puppet build-up! I'm curious about that padding material myself. Some sort of craft foam scissored down? Anyways, great post!

  4. Vincent - Thanks! You can kind of read the label of the silicone tub and blue bottle, I don't remember the specific type, though. And yes, Rubber cement works perfect to glue on the foam.

    Jon - It's Foam Rubber sheets, you can just get it on from a company call "Du-Bro. I used mostly the 1/4th inch. It's nice foam for puppets.

  5. Your puppets look great!!!! More pictures!!!!

  6. That's really interesting. Thanks Dan for posting the progress of your project! This is awesome.

  7. Hey really great photos and information here, you are obviously very talented and passionate with what you do...awesome. I just started claymation, wish I had gotten into it sooner :). Check out my youtube site boojyanimation and tell me what you think. Like you, I enjoy what I do. Cheers.

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