Sunday, February 27, 2011

Create - update 3: Puppet fabrication and set construction

I've been making some good progress on the construction of the puppets and sets. It's been incredibly time-consuming, but seeing it piece together is a great feeling.

Starting with the puppets. I dipped the arms in Balloon Rubber, a thin liquid latex, mixed with some acrylic paint. The gloves are just separate dips of of the balloon rubber with different paint mixed in.

The heads are currently being painted, and the cloths are currently being sewn on by a friend of mine, Megan Miller.

And now, the sets! Goodness these babies are taking time.

Producer, Nick Reichard helping plan it out.

Attaching the wall supports.
I only had to build 2 set walls for my short "Campfire"... this one has 9!

So, the set structures themselves are completed. It is time to paint.


  1. Those puppets look really fantastic! Thanks for the tip about the foam rubber sheets, gotta check that out!